At HiYa Karate, we believe in
"Training for Life!"

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At HiYa Karate, we believe in “Training for Life!” It isn’t just our motto, but we use this phrase literally. We are a family-owned, operated small business that strives to positively influence the lives of children and families. We train our students to uphold valuable lives, not only their own, but others around them. Our standards for community involvement are high for our students.

The philosophy of our integrated Martial Arts Cents is rooted in Tang Soo Do or “Way of the Empty Hand”. Tang Soo Do is a composite style of Martial Art that incorporates both hard and soft components of what most people refer to as Tae Kwon Do.

HiYa believes that through the training of martial arts one can develop social and physical skills that would positively benefit lifelong experiences for all involved.

HiYa! Karate


Our Principles and Creed are emphasized and throughout training. During class, students engage in informative discussions and training that educates them on socially challenging topics.

Physical Techniques

We teach the foundation upon which traditional karate was formed: stances, blocking, striking, and kicking. Exercise through martial arts allows students to be active and encourages wellness.

Hyung Sik

Also known as forms, are basic techniques brought together into patterns that teach students strategy, timing and balance while improving their comprehension and memorization skills.

HiYa! Karate


We teach our students to avoid physical conflicts, but we also teach our students techniques on how to defend against certain circumstances.

Sparring One-Steps

One steps are predetermined self-defense techniques that are taught in a controlled environment. These serve to develop instinctual reflexive responses to both known and unknown situations.

Free Sparring

While wearing protective gear, students practice controlled sparring techniques. Safety is paramount at all times. Students learn how to incorporate all of their martial arts knowledge from strategy to blocking and striking in order to outscore an opponent.

Board Breaking

During class and belt tests we build confidence in our students. Board breaking improves focus and concentration and diminishes psychological barriers that some students may face.

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