HiYa! Karate Spirit Animals

At HiYa Karate, it has become a tradition that once you attain the rank of Second Degree Black Belt you are awarded a Spirit Animal. The characterize of the animal reflects the fighting style and martial characteristics of the student.


HiYa! Karate Black Belt Socials

Once you reach the Black Belt level at Hiya Karate you can participate in certain activities to enhance the bond between fellow Black Belts outside of the studio. All the hard work and preparations pay off once you get to take part in this tradition. Black Belt socials have been a night at the movies, paintballing, and pool parties.


HiYa! Karate Giving Tree

Each holiday season HiYa Karate identifies an organization in which they can support. This may include volunteer time or items that are needed. The studio then collects the donations and it is a little way HiYa can bring joy to the greater community.


HiYa! Karate Birthday Parties

HiYa! Karate Birthday Parties are an EXCITING and UNIQUE way to celebrate your child’s birthday! We incorporate martial arts tradition into a fun and active party!


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